“Royal Radiance”

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Introducing the "Royal Radiance" chandelier necklace—a breathtaking fusion of opulence and natural beauty. This layered gold plated stainless steel necklace is adorned with a decorative brass centerpiece that exudes regal charm. Underneath the centerpiece dangles a resplendent amethyst teardrop, capturing the essence of sophistication and spiritual allure.

The gold-plated layers create a cascade of elegance, adding a touch of luxury to your neckline. The amethyst teardrop, with its rich purple hues, symbolizes intuition and tranquility, making it a perfect centerpiece for this royal-inspired design.

Please take note that due to the nature of layered necklaces, it is important to make sure that it lays correctly when putting it on and may need to be adjusted periodically while wearing.


-faceted amethyst beads x6

-amethyst teardrop 

-brass pendant

-gold-plated stainless steel chain

-chain length is 14” with a 2” extender

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