Custom Work

If there’s ever a piece that you had your eye on that has already sold or you would prefer different gemstones from the original, I am usually able to create a similar piece (with a few exceptions). Depending on the piece, there may be an additional charge. I have a wide variety of gemstone options that can be used but you are also able to send in your own pendant/gemstones for a custom. Please view the information below for more information on custom work. If you are interested in a custom piece, please contact me with thorough details of what you would like (with photos, if applicable). 

If you have an original idea for a custom wire wrapped or electroformed piece, contact me to see if we can bring your vision to life. I will get back to you with more information and an estimate. Please note that there may be an additional charge if specific materials must be ordered. Turn around time is typically under 3 weeks, however some pieces may take longer if they are more labor intensive. 

*I am currently unable to take any custom orders for electroformed pieces*



Here is more information and examples of some designs that can be customized. The price of each design shown is a baseline price for that piece. There may be an additional charge for specific requests or materials. 


Wire Wrapped Glass Pendants





Wire Wrapped Gemstone Pendants





Wire Wrapped Rings





Wire Wrapped Pinecone Pendants





Electroformed Butterfly Chokers/Necklaces





Electroformed Butterfly Rings





Electroformed Rings




Electroformed Gemstone Pendants





Electroformed Koi Fish Pendants





Electroformed Insects