“Flourishing Vines” Ring Size 7

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Experience the enchanting beauty of the "Flourishing Vines" ring, a true celebration of nature's elegance and vitality! This electroformed ring showcases a captivating green tourmaline gemstone, delicately cradled on a decorative band that mirrors the intricate tendrils of flourishing vines.

The green tourmaline gemstone exudes a refreshing hue reminiscent of lush foliage and vibrant growth. Known for its harmonizing energies, green tourmaline is believed to bring a sense of balance, prosperity, and rejuvenation to the wearer. With each glance, you'll be reminded of the flourishing vitality found in the heart of nature!

Wear this ring as a symbol of your connection to the natural world and a reminder of the ever-present energy of growth and renewal. Let its radiant green tourmaline inspire you to embrace life's cycles and to find beauty and abundance in every season. This ring is the perfect choice for those who seek a distinctive piece of jewelry that reflects their appreciation for the beauty of nature and their own journey of flourishing.


-oxidized electroformed copper

-decorative band

-green tourmaline 

-size 7


Kindly take note that the majority of my electroformed creations are intentionally left uncoated, as per the prevalent preference. Many individuals find pleasure in experiencing the tactile sensation and physical healing attributes of the exposed copper against their skin. It's important to recognize that the interaction between the copper and your skin's pH levels might lead to a temporary greenish tint, a natural occurrence. However, this phenomenon can be easily mitigated with a simple wash using soap and water. Alternatively, to prevent such a reaction, a clear nail polish coating can be applied. Should you desire an acrylic coating for your piece, please leave a message during checkout. It's important to acknowledge that, over time, resealing might be necessary to maintain the piece's pristine appearance.

To learn more about caring for your electroformed jewelry, please visit the Electroforming tab for more information.

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