“Dragon’s Whirl”

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Introducing the captivating "Dragon's Whirl" pendant—a stunning fusion of natural beauty and artisan craftsmanship. This exquisite pendant features a mesmerizing dragon scale turquoise centerpiece, renowned for its unique texture and vibrant hues. Wrapped in oxidized copper, the pendant boasts a swirly design accented with copper beads, adding a touch of rustic charm and elegance.

The dragon scale turquoise, with its intricate patterns resembling dragon scales, exudes an air of mystique and allure. Each crafted swirl enhances the natural beauty of the gemstone, creating a captivating interplay of texture and color. The addition of copper beads adds an artisanal touch, further elevating the pendant's rustic charm.

Please note that the jewelry display is not to scale and the pendant may appear larger than it is. Please read the dimensions carefully.


-oxidized copper

-dragon scale turquoise 

-2.5 tall, 1.5” wide

-Comes on an 18” copper chain 


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