“Deep, Dark and Dangerous”

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Introducing the “Deep, Dark and Dangerous” pendant, inspired by the label "Deep, Dark and Dangerous". This oxidized copper pendant is intricately wire-wrapped, mirroring the enigmatic contours of their iconic logo. Up top lies a charoite crystal, emitting mysterious vibes within the glistening purple hues. At the center, a red tiger’s eye is subtly embedded to create an ethereal eye design. 

Wear the "Deep, Dark and Dangerous” pendant as a talisman of your connection to the profound and mysterious realms of music and art. Let it be a symbol of your appreciation for the deep, dark, and daring aspects of creativity, encapsulating the essence of the label that inspires and resonates with you on a profound level.

This piece has a few minor imperfections in the weaves, so it is available for a discounted price. 

Please note that this pendant is not directly affiliated with the label “Deep, Dark and Dangerous”. 


-oxidized copper


-red tiger’s eye

-2.5” tall, 2.5” wide 

-comes on a 20” copper chain 


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