“Eternal Romance”

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Celebrate love with the "Eternal Romance" wire-wrapped swirly heart-shaped pendant in sterling silver—a perfect expression of affection for Valentine's Day. This carefully crafted pendant features a beautiful array of gemstones.

At the core of the heart-shaped pendant is a lustrous ruby briolette, symbolizing passion and love. Dangling gracefully below on delicate chain are exquisite teardrops of labradorite, garnet, and Australian opal, each adding its unique charm and meaning to the piece. Labradorite brings a touch of mystery and intuition, garnet signifies devotion, and Australian opal radiates the colors of love and passion.

Wear this necklace as a token of your enduring love or gift it to someone special. Let the swirly heart shape and the vibrant gemstones convey the depth and richness of your emotions. This pendant is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a heartfelt expression captured in a timeless symbol of love and connection.


-.925 sterling silver wire, chain, and clasp

-ruby briolette

-labradorite teardrops x2

-garnet teardrops x2

-Australian opal teardrop

-1.5” wide, 3” tall (including dangles)

-comes on a delicate 16.5” .925 sterling silver chain 


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