“Amethyst Essence”

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Introducing the "Amethyst Essence" pendant—a captivating blend of simplicity and elegance. This minimalist pendant features a vibrant amethyst centerpiece, renowned for its stunning purple hue and spiritual significance. Wrapped delicately in oxidized copper wire, it is adorned with a shiny Ethiopian Opal bead.

The amethyst, with its deep and rich color, symbolizes clarity of mind and inner strength. The minimalist design enhances the natural beauty of the gemstone, creating a sleek and modern look that is perfect for everyday wear. Despite its small size, this mini pendant makes a bold statement and adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Whether worn alone for a subtle look or paired with other pieces for a more layered style, it is sure to draw admiration and inspire confidence.

Please note that the jewelry display is not to scale and the pendant may appear larger than it is. Please read the dimensions carefully.


-oxidized copper


-Ethiopian Opal bead

-1.5” tall, .75” wide

-Comes on a 18” copper chain 


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