“Celestial Swirls”

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Experience the captivating allure of the “Celestial Swirls" necklace, a mesmerizing fusion of elegance and mystique! This enchanting necklace features a swirly "V-shape" meticulously electroformed, forming a perfect canvas for a diamond-shaped kyanite at its heart, delicately cradled in a triple moon goddess design. Surrounding the kyanite are lapis lazuli, malachite, peridot, and below it a high-grade ammolite, creating a symphony of colors and energies that resonate with the depths of the universe.

Wearing the "Celestial Swirls" necklace is like adorning yourself with a piece of the cosmos. Let its captivating gemstones and intricate design inspire you to explore the depths of your own journey and connect with the energies that surround us. Whether you're seeking a meaningful statement piece or a unique reflection of your spiritual exploration, this necklace is the perfect choice for those who embrace the mysteries of the universe and seek to carry its essence with them wherever they go.


Please note that the jewelry display is not to scale and the jewelry may appear larger than it is. Please read the dimensions carefully.



-oxidized electroformed copper

-diamond shaped moss kyanite

-lapis lazuli x2

-malachite x2

-peridot x2

-high-grade ammolite 

-2.5” wide, 1.25” tall

-comes on a 14” chain with a 2” extender 

Kindly take note that the majority of my electroformed creations are intentionally left uncoated, as per the prevalent preference. Many individuals find pleasure in experiencing the tactile sensation and physical healing attributes of the exposed copper against their skin. It's important to recognize that the interaction between the copper and your skin's pH levels might lead to a temporary greenish tint, a natural occurrence. However, this phenomenon can be easily mitigated with a simple wash using soap and water. Alternatively, to prevent such a reaction, a clear nail polish coating can be applied. Should you desire an acrylic coating for your piece, please leave a message during checkout. It's important to acknowledge that, over time, resealing might be necessary to maintain the piece's pristine appearance.
To learn more about caring for your electroformed jewelry, please visit the Electroforming tab for more information.
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