“Third Eye Twilight”

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Discover the enchanting allure of the "Third Eye Twilight" pendant—a true testament to the beauty of nature and art! At the heart of this Third Eye Pinecone lies a deep blue lapis lazuli, renowned for its deep blue hues reminiscent of a starlit night. The sterling silver wire wrapping brings out the intricate details of the pinecone, portraying the essence of a majestic forest captured in stone.

Enhancing the pendant's elegance is a faceted tanzanite, carefully placed to complement the lapis lazuli. Tanzanite, with its rare and captivating violet-blue shade, symbolizes spiritual awakening and transformation. The fusion of lapis lazuli and tanzanite embodies the harmony between earth and sky, grounding you in the embrace of natural beauty while encouraging spiritual growth.

Let this pendant be a companion, guiding you with the wisdom of the pinecone and the mystique of the tanzanite, inviting you to explore the wonders of the natural world. Wear it with pride and let its beauty resonate with the beauty within you!


Please note that the jewelry display is not to scale and the pendant may appear larger than it is. Please read the dimensions carefully.



-.925 sterling silver 

-lapis lazuli 

-faceted tanzanite 

-2” tall, 1.75” wide 

-comes on an 18” .925 sterling silver chain

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