“Butterfly Effect”

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Introducing the stunning "Butterfly Effect" pendant, featuring an ethically sourced Graphium Weiskei Swallowtail butterfly delicately set in electroformed copper. The butterfly's wings are enhanced by the addition of Ethiopian opal, rainbow moonstone, blue chalcedony, and blue sapphire, creating a breathtaking display of color and iridescence. Please note that the wings are laminated, so there may be some glare at certain angles, adding to the ethereal beauty of the piece. This unique and exquisite pendant is sure to make a lasting impression and become a cherished addition to any collection!


-Oxidized electroformed copper

-Laminated Graphium Weskei Swallowtail butterfly

-Ethiopian opal

-Rainbow moonstone

-Blue chalcedony

-Faceted sapphire teardrop

-2.25” tall, 2” wide

-Comes on an 18” long chain


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