“Squiggly Serenade” Ring Size 6.5

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Indulge in the whimsical allure of the "Squiggly Serenade" electroformed ring, a playful fusion of artistry and elegance! This electroformed ring features a captivating Ethiopian opal nestled gracefully on a squiggly band, creating a harmonious dance of curves and colors.

The Ethiopian opal's captivating play of iridescent hues adds a touch of enchantment, as if it holds within it the secrets of a magical serenade. Known for its connection to creativity and passion, the opal inspires a symphony of emotions that resonate with the heart's desires.

Wearing the "Squiggly Serenade" ring is like embracing a melodic embrace of the unexpected. Let its ethereal opal and distinctive design inspire you to dance to the rhythm of your own life, embracing the twists and turns with grace and joy! This ring is the perfect choice for those who seek a piece of jewelry that reflects their individuality, their love for the unconventional, and their appreciation for the beauty of natural gemstones.


-oxidized electroformed copper

-decorative band

-Ethiopian opal

-size 6.5


Kindly take note that the majority of my electroformed creations are intentionally left uncoated, as per the prevalent preference. Many individuals find pleasure in experiencing the tactile sensation and physical healing attributes of the exposed copper against their skin. It's important to recognize that the interaction between the copper and your skin's pH levels might lead to a temporary greenish tint, a natural occurrence. However, this phenomenon can be easily mitigated with a simple wash using soap and water. Alternatively, to prevent such a reaction, a clear nail polish coating can be applied. Should you desire an acrylic coating for your piece, please leave a message during checkout. It's important to acknowledge that, over time, resealing might be necessary to maintain the piece's pristine appearance.

To learn more about caring for your electroformed jewelry, please visit the Electroforming tab for more information.

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