“Enchanted Garden”

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Elevate your style to a realm of enchanting beauty with the "Enchanted Garden" necklace, an embodiment of elegance and nature's grace! Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this layered “chandelier” style necklace features a delicate flower pendant suspended like a symbol of life's vibrant energy. Dangling gracefully below the pendant is an amethyst teardrop, radiating a sense of spiritual depth and transformation. The necklace itself is adorned with a delicate chain of faceted amethyst and selenite beads, and faceted amethyst briolettes.

The chain, adorned with faceted amethyst and selenite beads, is further enhanced by the faceted amethyst briolettes that bring movement and elegance to the design. The necklace becomes a wearable work of art that encapsulates the harmony of nature and the mysteries of the inner self.

Wearing the "Enchanted Garden" necklace is like adorning yourself with a symbol of your own growth and inner transformation. Let its flower pendant and radiant amethyst teardrop inspire you to embrace the journey of life with grace and intuition. This necklace is the perfect choice for those who seek a statement piece that embodies the beauty of nature's cycles and the energies that guide us from within, allowing you to carry a piece of flourishing beauty wherever you go!

Please take note that due to the nature of layered necklaces, it is important to make sure that it lays correctly when putting it on and may need to be adjusted periodically while wearing.


-selenite beads x8

-faceted amethyst beads x6

-amethyst teardrop

-faceted amethyst briolettes x2

-flower pendant

-stainless steel chain

-chain length is 14.5” with a 2” adorned extender

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